Welcome to, if you expected to find anything here sorry, but is my email domain, my alter ego, my virtual me on the Internet. If you stumbled here hoping to find some content, it's just not here. is my web playground, I do have some utility websites, tests and things I experiment with, but it's not made for general consumption.

I do have another entity,, check out my other websites over there:

This is my audio project page, it's where I create short audio recordings on a variety of subjects, in many cases these are recordings done for specific audio challenges such as AudioMo, a month-long audio challenge to record a piece of audio every day in the month of June and I also curate archive recordings I did when I belonged to an audio-base social network called Audioboo(m) many years ago. I'm particularly fond of the Space-related recordings on this page.

This is my personal music page, it's still very much a work in progress, watch out for the scaffolding! I hope to eventual document my personal journey into music, both the consumption of and eventually the creation, whatever that form may take. I'm not a musician by any means, but now in my late 50's and having had this overwhelming urge to create some kind of music, I feel compelled to finally put the nose to the grindstone, or perhaps my fingers to the keyboard/fretboard and do something in regards to creating music. Enter at your own risk, it may not be pretty :)